Multicoin wallet

Our next-generation wallet is not only capable of storing Avesta tokens but also other digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Our wallet allows users to seamlessly convert between crypto and fiat, which is a great achievement.


We completed our milestone to bring you invoicing functionality. The invoicing functionality works perfectly together with our multicoin wallet and will give users and businesses more freedom over their money and more abilities to track their cash flow. Each invoice and its status will be tracked on the blockchain so you can get a real-time view.

New Website

We are proud to announce our updated website. We hope you like the makeover.

Explorer UX / UI

It’s not an easy task to create the optimal user experience. We are constantly testing and improving the UX and UI of our explorer. You should be able to use our explorer without even thinking!

Wallet Business Account

Businesses will now able to sign up for a business account on the Avesta platform. This allows them to create invoices and track payments.