Cryptocurrencies are well known in the financial market as a way of generating income for low cash earners. All over the world, on platforms like cryptocurrency exchanges and trading sites, traders purchase or exchange a digital currency for another or exchange digital currencies in lieu of fiat currency.

Major virtual currencies and crypto-assets are yet to get to their full potential as they are still in the early stages of development. Valued at over $700 billion, the cryptocurrency market is still largely dependent on speculative investors who have chosen to invest their fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies in order to profit and learn about this new asset.

Why Cryptocurrency is Preferred

A large number of investors perceive that digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Avesta are here to stay. Cryptocurrency investors are also of the opinion that digital currencies will provide a safe haven for their assets and money. Popular online marketplaces allow investors use bitcoins on their sites for purchasing goods and paying for services of choice. Offline merchants also make use of Bitcoin visa debit cards for purchasing goods.

Traders also utilize Cryptocurrencies as a peer to peer payment method in sending money efficiently.

For example, Avesta has low transaction fees and fast transaction time. This feature will allow traders to send money to other traders domestically and internationally in less predicted time that it would take bank transfers.

Having just finished their token sale, 2018 promises to be busy for Avesta with hopes to launch a debit card by the end of the year.

The several advantages of digital currencies such as privacy, immutability, fast transaction time, no mediator give a majority of investors and traders of cryptocurrency the confidence to invest in digital currencies for a long time.

The wealth creation advantages of cryptocurrencies have been identified by investors and traders alike. Some investors prefer to purchase cryptocurrencies when there is a decline in price so they could sell it out when there is an increase. This will allow the traders recoup their gains from the initial price.

There are thousands of online currencies out there—1338, according to the website The best known among them is bitcoin. The creation of an unknown programmer or group of programmers, bitcoin grabbed headlines last year —it has recently hovered between $6000 to $8000 . The wealth created by bitcoin has prompted many firms to start accepting bitcoin payments. It has also spawned hundreds of new businesses looking to cash in on the digital currency craze.

Majority of individuals had earlier perceived that cryptocurrencies will be perfect for the purpose of investing on the basis of long-term. Although risky, with its current spike and volatility of prices, many investors seem unshaken. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay.