Point-of-sale systems have so far been a weak link in the blockchain. A crucial barrier to mass adoption of crypto that must be overcome is the ability to use digital currencies in an easy way on a regular basis. So far, this dream of many crypto users has fallen short of its goal.

Since Bitcoin began, services and technologies have been climbing steadily toward being easy to acquire and use for the average person.

In 2018, acquiring a multitude of different cryptocurrencies has never been easier, and several cryptocurrencies are accepted as payment for goods and services at thousands of businesses.

A handful of companies have begun working to make digital currencies more user-friendly by creating point-of-sale systems (POS) that aim to make crypto transactions simple and easy.

Examples of Point-of-Sale Systems

The first POS services were centered around giving businesses the ability to accept Bitcoin.

Services like Paystand and BitPay paved the way for many modern companies to accept crypto payments.

As more altcoins have become popular, merchants have strived to accommodate their patrons accordingly. While it was once only Bitcoin that was usable in point-of-sale systems, now many accept coins like Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and more.

Services like BlockPay, for example, have begun expanding into the retail space. The BlockPay platform gives merchants the ability to accept multiple digital currencies and instantly convert them into fiat currency. POSaBit and Coingate are a few other companies who are developing POS systems in a similar capacity.

Some of these next-generation services come ready with other capabilities, like the creation of electronic receipts, rewards programs, and customer analytics. The most useful platforms (Avesta included) also integrate forms of fiat money transfer along with business invoicing.

While Bitcoin is the premier cryptocurrency, it does have some noteworthy competition in terms of payment systems. Dash and Monero allow users greater privacy and faster confirmation times, for example.

Just as there is more than one cryptocurrency, there is more than one POS system.

Avesta is the Premier Blockchain for Point-of-Sale Systems

Avesta tokens (AVE) allow for fast transactions at affordable rates. With one flat transaction fee, you know how much you’ll be paying to transact on the network whether you’re sending one dollar or one million. No more worrying about the current state of network traffic in determining transaction rates.

Fiat currencies like the US dollar and the Euro can also be used in the Avesta wallet. There is no special hardware required – a desktop computer or smartphone is compatible.

Avesta was designed for ease-of-use for businesses and point-of-sale systems alike. The Avesta wallet comes with a host of features that make it ideal for conducting business. And the AVE token integrates seamlessly with any point-of-sale technology.