Mining Avesta

Learn and enjoy mining Avesta with us and have a look at our Explorer

Getting started

First step: Register

Fill in the fields and you will receive your confirmation E-mail

This email contains:

  • The URL of the Avesta Platform
  • Your Login and Password
  • A QR code necessary to use Authentication App

Upon registration you will be given a 10 digit account number. This 10 digit account number is the account number you use when starting the miner.

Download the Avesta Miner

Miner version 2.0.2 available now

Linux script includedRecommended


Linux executable


Windows 64 with Batch file Recommended


Windows 64 exe only


Install the Avesta Miner

If you downloaded the exe with batch file, Just replace the account name with yours, available on your wallet.

: run
miner.exe --account xxxxxxxxxx --threads 3 --name Name-No-Space --daemon-address
timeout /t 30
goto run

You can select a node for Asia, US or Europe:

You’ll never walk alone

The Avesta mining community is here to help you
We have passionate people willing to help you with the set up all the way through testing of your miner. Let’s be transparent! Every update or change can cause an error, we need feedback from you.

Our community posts questions any time something is not 100% clear and with our support within, we can solve problems together as a whole. We work diligently on improving and upgrading our services.

So, be one of us and participate in our daily communication!