Mining Tutorial

This tutorial is in constant improvement, we hope this help you to setup your mining environement.

Getting started

First step: Register

Fill the fields and you will receive your confirmation E-mail

This email contains:

  • The URL of the Avesta Platform
  • Your Login and Password
  • A QR code necessary to use Authentification App

Upon registration you will be given a 10 digit account number. This 10 digit account number is the account number you use when starting the miner.

Second step: Download

Please download the Avesta miner of your choice.



Windows 64


Extract the files

1Once you have the .zip file downloaded, extract those files to a location on your hard drive that is easy to find and remember.

2The files that are extracted should look like this.

Command line

Next step is to familiarize yourself with the command line based miner

3Open a command prompt by clicking on the address bar of the folder that you just opened.

4Type “CMD” without the quotes and press enter

5and a new window will open with the title “C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe”

6Type “avesta.exe –help” or “avesta.exe -h” without the quotes and press enter.

The output will tell you what the maximum number of threads can be used for your particular system along with all of the other default arguments.

All default arguments are listed in parenthesis. ( This is what the program will default to if no thread argument is defined.)

7Now that you have an idea of what you’re looking at, right click on “avesta – miner.bat” and then click on edit.

8A window will open showing you the contents of this file, which you will use to launch the miner program. This is a default batch file that is used to start your Avesta miner.

6if you have not already registered please do so now as you will need your account number to continue

Almost there.

9Now we will change the account number to match with your own. You can find this on the Avesta Wallet page after logging in, use your Avesta account number.

10Change the threads to the optimal threads for your CPU. You may have to experiment with this or leave the –threads option out completely to use the default setting.

11The default log level is 3 so adding that in your .bat file is redundant, however if you choose to add the argument, level 4 and 5 give you more detailed outputs and debugging of what the miner is actually doing.

Now, let’s move on to the scan time argument. You can either choose to modify this or not. The default argument for this option is 30 as seen in the miner help output above.

This is a highly debated subject…that, since there is a 10 second block time, you should have your miner look for blockchain updates every 10 seconds. After much testing, it really depends on the power of your processor as to what argument you should use. Do some testing…change it up…the lower the number, the faster it scans for updates. This number is in seconds and must be a whole number, no decimal point.

The last option listed in the miner output is –limit “Mine exact quantity of blocks. 0 means no limit” so I guess if you only wanted to mine a little bit at a time this would help. This option is completely unneccessary if you are running your miner 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
Now, you should be able to click on the X to close the .bat file and it will prompt you to save. Select yes, and the window will close.

12Double click the “Avesta – miner.bat” file to launch the Avesta miner.

13You will see a command window open up and the miner will start to mine.

You are now mining the Avesta coin!
Your reward will show up as unconfirmed coins in your wallet.
As soon as enough blocks are mined the system will confirm your coins and they will show up in your balance.

Written by Joshua Hammond
Avesta Ambassador