A much-anticipated feature of the Avesta wallet has recently been added. This new functionality has great potential and has achieved an unprecedented level of utility and convenience for blockchain technology.

The Avesta white paper states that

“Some of the major problems in cryptocurrencies are solved by Avesta. We have created a fast, secure, and easy-to-use cryptocurrency that is also untraceable.”

In addition to being a revolutionary solution for crypto in general, Avesta’s web-based wallet has promised to give businesses a new way to create, record, and pay their invoices. And that promise has been fulfilled.

Business Accounts and the Avesta Wallet

Business accounts using the Avesta wallet can now enjoy the seamless integration of Avesta’s multi-coin wallet and comprehensive invoicing feature. Tracking your financial transactions has never been easier. In addition, all invoices are recorded on the blockchain’s incorruptible and permanent ledger, giving you the ability to view everything in real-time.

All invoice data can be exported into a comma-separated values (CSV) file, Excel spreadsheet, or PDF document.

Simply select “create new invoice” under the “my businesses tab” and enter the required details.

Users can create and manage a large number of commercial accounts. Each account allows for several inputs and allows users to:

  •       Create, modify, or delete contacts
  •       Create and remove items
  •       Create and cancel invoices
  •       Create and remove administrators

A New Level of Utility Value

Never before has this kind of transaction technology been fused with a multi-coin wallet like the Avesta wallet. The implications are monumental.

Cryptocurrency payment intermediaries have now become obsolete. No longer will users have to create an invoice, send it to a client or customer, and await payment into their personal wallet. Likewise, businesses no longer have to wait for invoices or use crypto payment intermediaries.

Signing up for an Avesta wallet is easy and takes less than two minutes. All you need is your name and email address. After confirming your email address and setting up a two-factor authentication method (2FA), you’re good to go. You can begin mining, invoicing, or just using the multi-coin Avesta wallet as you would any other wallet.

In short, the Avesta wallet and its new invoicing feature are sure to aid in the widespread adoption of crypto as more than just a store of value. The wallet also makes it easier to obtain and use crypto, something that people in more and more countries desire to do in order to diversify into alternative currencies.

Avesta’s multi-coin wallet, with its new invoicing feature for Business accounts, is too useful for crypto-minded companies to ignore.