Dear Avesta Users and Followers,

We are proud to announce the Public Beta of Avesta Platform, Wallet and Mining.

At this stage people can use the web-wallet to transfer AVE between accounts.

Avesta has partnered with Civic hence all logins and KYC check will be done via Civic. And in the future all users would require the Civic Application to log into the Avesta Platform & Co. This ensures Identity protection and gives a seamless and safe login experience for Avesta Account Holders.

Available for Download:
Avesta Node for Ubuntu
Avesta Node for Windows
Avesta CPU Miner

Available for use:
Avesta Web wallet
Avesta Block Explorer

For security reasons, you can download from our website. (Available from 16:00 UTC)

Any comments/suggestions to improve our Beta Phase Platform is much appreciated. We have reserved AVE Bounties for testers (finding bugs) and providing tips for improvement.

Stay Tuned to receive more updates from the Avesta Team!