It’s not uncommon for former employees to make attempts to discredit and defame the company they once worked for. Circulating false rumors and making baseless accusations are common tactics.

Recently, a rogue ex-employee of Avesta has been defaming the organisation using patently false claims. We wanted to clear the air around this unsettling situation to reassure those interested in Avesta that there is nothing to worry about. These accusations have no basis in reality. The source they are coming from cannot be perceived as having a shred of credibility, and Avesta continues to move forward with its development as planned.

One of the unfounded allegations circulating around is that Avesta is a “scam” or that Avesta uses the hashing power of their miners to mine other altcoins for their own profit. The team strongly denies those false allegations. Rest assured, there is no evidence. In fact, all investigations into the matter have proven the accusations to be false. In addition, the credibility of the ex-employee is something that has raised red flags. Several sources have noted that “he is unreliable and can’t be trusted”. No evidence relating to the false narrative promoted exists or ever existed.

The great thing about the blockchain is that it creates an immutable ledger of all transactions. The Avesta Blockchain is no exception. Therefore, by looking at the history recorded in the blockchain, we can know for certain whether or not someone is telling the truth. There is no room for ambiguity and no need for rhetoric. Objective inquiry is a simple matter.

The Avesta project has made great strides and continues to advance on all fronts. The Avesta wallet successfully integrated an invoicing feature this quarter and the launch of an exchange is being planned for Q4 2018. The blockchain powers on.

In conclusion, there’s no reason for Avesta users, partners, or investors to be concerned about this matter. Nothing has changed and none of these claims are true in whole or in part. The evidence has proven this. Regardless of this unfortunate incident, the Avesta timeline continues moving forward , with big plans coming down the pike for Q4 2018.