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Avesta Wallet

Because freedom doesn’t need a cost

Transfer money instantly using Avesta tokens

Money can be transferred within seconds due to the fast nature of our blockchain. Our Multi-layered Blockchain approach removes any potential delays.

Get a real-time view of your cash flow

Log in anytime to obtain a real-time overview of your cash flow, invoicing status and payments. Avesta is perfectly integrable with your small business accounting software in order to increase your efficiency and profitability.

Multicoin/Cash Wallet
All your currencies at one place

We have built a Multicoin, next-generation wallet that not only stores Avesta tokens but also other digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. The wallet is even capable of converting your crypto funds to fiat and vice-versa.

60 times faster
60 times faster than the Bitcoin network

An Avesta transaction generally takes up to 10 seconds, which is incredibly fast! Bitcoin requires high transaction fees. This prevents businesses from adopting crypto. That’s why Avesta uses low fees and is focussed on business adoption by providing a Multicoin wallet and invoicing functionality. Avesta is here to support businesses.

Avesta is pushing forward!

There is no stopping, while you are mining we invest, build and communicate the awesomeness


Token Sale

12th Nov 2017
Started Token Sale

4th Jan 2018
End Second Token Sale


Avesta Launch date is
Jan 2018

– Wallet
– Platform
– Mining


Q1 2018
Accounting module and integration for Avesta Wallet Accounting API


Q2 2018
Webshop and e-Payment modules
Wallet update with smart invoicing and smart contract user interface


Q3 2018
Integration in Point of Sale hardware and software

Preparing global acceptance of Avesta

Debit Card

Q4 2018
Avesta Debit Card for account holders with KYC approval
VoIP and IM integration for Avesta Mobile Apps


Q4 2018
Trade Avesta tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

New Wallet Features


Invoice Module is up

You can now use the invoicing functionality and deposit both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
Yes.. it’s awesome!


Business Account for wallet

Now the business accounts can create invoices and track payments.
More transparency and more to come.

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