SCAMMER – Aydin Farhoudi Moghaddam

The leader of the Avesta project and person who took all the funding and disappeared to Africa. Aydin was Born 21 January 1990 in Tehran Iran and currently uses his Belgium Nationality

Although Aydin likes to boast about his wealth and business successes. There is nothing real about this as Aydin Farhoudi Moghaddam has no actual skill except for stealing people’s hard earned money. And everything he has/owns is illegally taken from unsuspected people and victims of this elaborate schemes. And Aydin likes to copy company names in other countries to establish credibility although its just a shell and forward the money to off-shore accounts.

According to various sources Aydin Farhoudi Moghaddam has stolen several Millions of Euro’s from investors in Avesta platform and token (AVE) and were promised a a crypto token which was never given to them. Besides Avesta it seems Aydin has been involved in many other scams, thefts and fraud in which he is leaving a large trail of victims and ruined lives.

ACCOMPLICE – Ashwini Gulabani

Ashwini Gulabani from India has been the right hand from Aydin, even though Aydin was knowingly breaking the law and Ashwini assisted Aydin with every aspect of the Avesta scam and other fake projects setup by Aydin.

Are you a victim?

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